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Fields v. Smith

Question: Explain the case related toFields v. Smith. Answer: The ACLU and Lambda legal had filed a federal lawsuit in Wisconsin on the behalf of the three transgender women who were incarcerated there. The case raised challenge over the law of Wisconsin under which there is a bar on the access of sex reassignment surgery or hormone therapy for inmates in a prison and other in the custody of the state. Initially the doctors of the prison were allowed to determine the treatment that was proper for the inmates however this power has been stripped. However as the case moved forward court order was received from the court and the clients continued to receive treatment as the case moved forward ("Fields v. Smith | Lambda Legal", 2016). Insufficient details, with respect to the case was the fact that there was no details regarding the reason behind the why such a law has been placed in the first place and what was the segment of society that it aimed to protect at the time of inception. Thus assumption is that this law violates the federal Constitutions guarantee for the equal protection if the citizens as well as the guarantee that is there against unusual and cruel punishment by barring the inmates who are transgender from accessing the medical care. Further it needs to be taken into account that the only state in the country that has a law for barring providing of medically necessary care to transgender inmates. The main issues in the case, thus is that whether the law in Wisconsin by which there is prohibition on the doctors of the prison from using sex reassignment surgery or hormonal therapy for treading inmates who have gender identity disorder (GID) causes the inmates suffering unusual and cruel punishment under the Eight Amendment or equal protection of laws was deprived from them under the Amendment 14 (Fields v Smith, 2011). The parties that are involved, in this group are the doctors whose powers had been restricted by this law and the transgenders whose health care has been restricted and they have been deprived of the same. Other then this Wisconsin prisons inmates sued for having the law to be declared as being unconstitutional facially. There was an appeal from the State of Wisconsin to the Seventh Circuit. It was affirmed by the Seventh Circuit that this punishment would be cruel and unusual, thus violating the Eight Amendment by withholding of sex reassignment surgery or hormone therapy from prisoners who are suffering from an acute GID ("FindLaw's United States Seventh Circuit case and opinions.", 2016). If the decision would have been allowing the law it would adversely affect the health of care of the inmates that were inmates in prison. It is necessary to know that in situations where a person is suffering from GID, it can lead to depression, self-mutilation and even death by self harm. Thus in situation where the decision would have been anything separate from it the consequence would have been grave. The law of Wisconsin reversal would ensure that the inmates who are transgender are receiving medical care that is necessary and it is also aiding the dispelling of myths that surround the health needs of a person suffering from GID. In this case and in various other cases with similar it needs to be noted that attempt is being to ensure that the transgenders have the option of accession health care that is appropriate for them and there is no kind of discrimination in doing. In this case there was foundation had been laid down for a restriction that is powerful on the legialtures ability to enact the medical treatment prohibitions, the also that it is ensured that that the application of restriction is not just limited to the prisoners who are affected by this legislation but should be analogues to the Fourth amendment. Zubik v. Burwell In the case of Zubik v. Burwel in the Supreme Court of United States on whether other than the churches other religious institutions should be exempted from the mandate of contraceptive, a regulatioin which the US Department of Health and Human Services adopted under the Affordable Care Act which requires that the employers who are non-church are to be covered for their females a certain contraceptive. This case is centered on the exemption under the legal requirements that has been provided under the Affordable Care Acts under which the employers are required to cover the cost of contraception without the copays being charged. There are some employers who can opt out of this however to be able to do so they are required to fill out a form of two pages explaining why they are doing so. It has been argued by the plaintiffs of this case they forms should not have to be filled by them since doing so would make them complicit towards providing contraception to women which is not in line with their religious belief. The main issue that is there in this case is that whether the religious objectors are allowed to disobey even in the situation when this disobedience would be placing a burden on other people? There is lack of detailed background of this case as the case is a very recent case thus there has to be an assumption made regarding who this case was effecting other than the actual plaintiffs and defendants of the case (Duncan, 2016). This case has no single plaintiff instead there are seven related cases which has been considered together. This measure is a fairly common one in various cases. In the group the lead plaintiff is of the Roman Catholic diocese of Pittsburgh, Pa Bishop David A. Zubik. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazzete ("Bishop Zubik lead plaintiff in Obamacare challenge in Supreme Court", 2016) he leads a joint appeal from the dioceses which is based in the City of Brother Love and Erie, Pa. Other than him the better known plaintiff of this case are the Little Sisters of the Poor nuns, who are running a nursing home for 13,000 approximately elderly poor. There are three private Christian higher education who are included in the list of plaintiffs Sothern Nazarene University, Geneva College and East Texas Baptist University. The secretary of United States Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell is the cases defendant, in other words it can be stated the government of U.S. is the one who is being sued. Other than the above mentioned parties, the women are the ones that are largely affected by this case and are the invisible parties to the decision of this case. Since it is a third party secular insurer who takes over once the paperwork has been signed by the religious employers, an argument is being put forth by the defense states that the point of concern no longer remain religious freedom and there is actually an infringement of the rights of the women by these religious companies and not protection of their freedom of religion. There is concern that has been raised by the womens rights activist with respect to the accessibility of preventive birth control for women in the case there was a ruling in the favour of the plaintiffs. If there is one another administrative hoop for jumping for the women through may make access of birth control extremely difficult. This case could establish a precedent for those concerning when religiously connected business or religious institutions could avoid or evade all types of law that are binding on everybody else ("Zubik v. Burwell Briefs Explore Potential Compromise (Update)", 2016). A per curiam ruling was issued by the court on 16th of May 2016 in which the decision of the Circuit courts of Appeals decisions were vacated and the case was remanded to those courts for being reconsidered in the light of the position which the parties had asserted in their supplemental briefs. Since it had been agreed by the Petitioners that there was no infringement of their religious needs where there was requirement for doing nothing more than contracting for a plan in which coverage for all or some kind of contraceptive has not been included it was held by the court that the parties need to be given an opportunity for clarification and refining how in practice this approach would work and for resolving any issue that remains outstanding. In departing from the treatment that is usual for the ruling of per curiam, Roberts CJ read aloud the ruling. The view that there was no view regarding the cases merit was expressed by the Supreme Court. In an opinion that is concurring it was noted by Justice Sotomayor and Justice Ginsburg noted in earlier cases that these instructions have been ignored earlier by some of the lower courts and a caution was given to the lower courts for not reading any of the Supreme Courts action with respect to the case. The English Circuits opinion in the case of Sharpe Holdings was cited as an example which was the only Court of Appeals decision which had upheld the position that had been taken by the plaintiffs in the case of Zubik. The health of the millions of women will be affected including that of women that are college aged. The students who have been enrolled for the health care plans through the universities shall be rendered incapable of getting any kind of birth control if the school that they are attending elects for opting out of the reasons that are religious in nature. It will be upon the graduates for considering how birth control coverage would be received by them in the case employer has opposed to offer the same for the reasons that are accepted. This would affect ultimately women who would have to go through procedures that are more complicated in procedure for securing of birth control. References Bishop Zubik lead plaintiff in Obamacare challenge in Supreme Court. (2016).Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Retrieved 17 June 2016, from Duncan, K. (2016).Supplemental Briefs in Zubik v. Retrieved 17 June 2016, from Fields v Smith, 653 F.3d 550 (7th Circuit 2011). Fields v. Smith | Lambda Legal. (2016).Lambda Legal. Retrieved 17 June 2016, from FindLaw's United States Seventh Circuit case and opinions.. (2016).Findlaw. Retrieved 17 June 2016, from Zubik v. Burwell Briefs Explore Potential Compromise (Update). (2016).Health Affairs. Retrieved 17 June 2016, from

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Modern Mass Media In Greece free essay sample

Reviews the history of mass media in Greece. Examines the rocky relationship between the media and the government. Discusses the diversity of media outlets in the nation. INTRODUCTION Every country has a mix of media including the press, television, radio, and today various computer services. The different elements of the media may have different sources and different controls imposed upon them, and the degree of freedom accorded the media will vary from country to country. Greece is a country that has had a complex political development in modern times even as the mass media has become a force for the dissemination of information around the world, and the media has often become the focus for political wrangling among the different factions in Greece. The degree of control imposed on the media in Greece is also a function of the political development of that country since World War II. The monarchy in Greece was abolished in 1924 and reinstated

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17 Weird Hobbies for Students That Will Change Your Life

17 Weird Hobbies for Students That Will Change Your Life College can be a stressful time, so it is a good idea to find some fun activities to fill your spare time. However, for some students this can lead to some weird hobbies! Let’s look at some of the most unusual hobbies you might want to try. 1 – Toy Voyaging There are some weird hobbies that are stranger than others and one of them must be toy voyaging. You can register online to send your toy off on vacation to another part of the world – or you can host someone else’s toy. People take it incredibly seriously, giving their toy life missions they wish to fulfil while hosts complete travel journals and take photographs of the toy enjoying its vacation. 2 – Quidditch Harry Potter captured thehearts of children and adults alike and continues to have a huge fanbase today. Many colleges and universities are playing homage to that by setting up their own real life Quidditch teams. There may not be flying brooms, but the muggle equivalent of this wizard sport certainly counts as one of the weird hobbies you might find on campus. 3 – Soap Carving Some weird hobbies are quite artistic when you look more closely. Soap carving transforms standard bars of soap into intricate works of art using specialist tools and techniques. 4 – Element Collecting As weird hobbies go, one that might appeal to chemistry students in particular is Element Collecting. This involves trying to collect elements from the periodic table. There are many ways to approach this with some enthusiasts opting for a specific row or group rather than the whole table. A word of caution – collecting heavy elements, poisonous elements and of course radioactive ones is not recommended! 5 – Making Snow Globes Who doesn’t love playing with a snow globe? Wouldn’t making your own be even more fun? This is a hobby shared by one of the world’s most well-known celebrities – Taylor Swift. Even the stars have weird hobbies they enjoy on their down time. 6 – Beetle Fighting Beetle fighters pit their insects against one another in small plastic arenas with the bouts often being filmed and loaded to YouTube. Some enthusiasts even go so far as to breed their own beetles in an attempt to create a champion. 7 – Hikaru Dorodango You have likely never heard of Hikaru Dorodango, also known as dirt polishing, but it is apparently a popular hobby. It involves take a small ball of mud, extracting all the moisture and then coating it with fine layers of soil. Eventually it becomes possible to polish the ball of dirt into a smooth sphere. 8 – Entomology Entomology is the study of insects. In terms of weird hobbies bug collecting must be up there, right? One celebrity who doesn’t agree is model Claudia Schiffer who has an extensive bug collection and is also a huge fan of spiders! The logo for her clothing line even features a spider. 9 – Duck Herding Did you know? It is possible to train ducks to be herded just like sheep? In fact, it is a competitive sport and one of the most popular choices for corporate team building days. 10 – Extreme Ironing Believe it or not Extreme Ironing is a competitive sport which is growing in popularity. It involves ironing laundry, but in more extreme situations such as while rock climbing, kayaking or even skydiving. 11 – Newsraiding Have you ever wanted to appear on television? You are not alone if the growing popularity of newsraiding is anything to go on. This hobby involves appearing on television as a bystander on news reports and other live broadcasters! One of the most prolific newsraiders is Paul Yarrow from the UK who has appeared in the background of hundreds of television broadcasts always wearing his signature beige sweater. 12 – Noodling If your college is located near a fishing spot, then maybe you would like to try your hand at noodling quite literally. Noodling is the art of fishing with your bare hands. Catfish are the most common prey for noodlers. 13 – Ghost Hunting Are you a fan of paranormal TV shows like Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Lockdown? Why not try a little ghost hunting in real life? Many paranormal teams across the country run events taking members of the public to investigate spooky buildings. 14 – Collecting Barbie Dolls Perhaps collecting barbies isn’t one of the strangest entries on our list, but one of its enthusiasts made it interesting enough to be included. Johnny Depp is an avid collector of the dolls and says he often plays with the dolls in his collection when getting into character for a role. 15 – Tree Shaping Tree shaping is not a hobby for those looking for instant gratification as it can take years. However, it is extremely cool as you can train trees to grow into artistic shapes or even into your own living furniture. 16 – Geocaching What if we told you that you could go on a real-life treasure hunt? Geocachers use satellite technology to locate caches – small boxes of trinkets and other treasures which can be swapped. There is also a log book to sign inside each one. It may seem a little weird at first, but it is totally free, a great way to stay fit and good for meeting other players. 17 – Suing People Not all the weird hobbies we have come across are advisable and we certainly don’t recommend taking up suing people. Jonathan Lee Riches made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the person who has filed the most lawsuits. His list of targets includes the likes of Britney Spears, Martha Stewart, the Eiffel Tower and even a selection of Buddhist Monks. These weird hobbies might sound a little strange to you right now but consider this – the hobbies you mention on your resume are something that helps companies with their recruitment. If you prefer to try something more conservative, check out these cheap hobbies for students. A prospective employer is not necessarily looking for a hobby connected to the job, but if you have an interesting hobby then it could help you to stand out from the crowd of applicants!

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Skin cancer Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Skin cancer - Annotated Bibliography Example Due to the comparable rates of growth the drugs that are most appropriately used to treat both forms of cancer have been deemed to be equally beneficial in both cases. Moreover, the analysis notes that the same types of inhibitors. This can of course be seen as a breakthrough due to the fact that the reader can come to understand that not all cancers behave in analogous manners. Moreover, due to the fact that some forms of cancers react to the treatments more readily than do others, seeking to find the ones that respond most favorably to different forms of treatment is of primary importance. The article further calls into question the different means by which researchers seek to define and describe the types of drugs that can seek to aid those that have been diagnosed with cancer. As a means of understanding the material presented within the article, the reader is made aware not only of the way in which otherwise disjoint forms of cancer can be treated by the same means but also by the fact that humans respond on an individual basis to these means. Finally, the article seeks to track the different levels of breakthroughs which have occurred within the recent past which help to define skin cancer as one of the most treatable and preventable forms of cancer within the cancer spectrum. Although the disease itself was at first ranked as one of the most feared and misunderstood of the cancers that exist, it has since become the most treatable with rapid detection. However, as with most cancers, the inability to detect skin cancer at an early stage necessarily portends disaster for the cancer patient. Although not specifically discussed, the articles tacit discussion of the importance of early detection can be understood to expand far beyond mere skin cancer and extend out to all types of cancers. Gwishe, Edgar. "Battling skin

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Corporate Governance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Corporate Governance - Research Paper Example Introduction The term corporate governance is employed to refer to the systems through which companies are controlled and directed. This is through the involvement of the market and regulatory mechanisms. It also encompasses the relationship that exists between the board, the management of the organization, stakeholders and shareholders that are involved with the organization. Corporate governance also involves the goals through which the company is governed (Jo & Harjoto, 2012, 58). One of the key interests of corporate governance includes the mitigation of conflicts that may arise among the stakeholders in the company. This involves ensuring that there is no disagreement in the agenda of the stakeholders in regards to policies, processes, laws, customs and institutions that have influence over how the company is managed. Corporate governance has been necessitated in recent times, with the wake of a number of high profile company collapses, with the principal cause being attributed to accounting fraud. This, therefore, made it necessary for corporate to come up with to avoid such occurrences. Principles of Corporate governance For corporate governance to be effectual, some principles were agreed upon as a framework for the practice. One of the principles is in regards to the treatment of shareholders. Corporate realized that how they treat their shareholders has a significant impact on their operations. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to respect the shareholders liberties and assist them in employing those liberties (Norwani, Mohamad & Chek 2011, 210). This can be achieved by encouraging the shareholders to be proactive in the general summits, and through the establishment of a communication that is open and effective. Another principle includes organizations ensuring that the other stakeholders’ interests are addressed. This is because; it is the obligation of the corporate to ensure that the interests of these parties are addressed. Stak eholders may include employees, investors, the community, creditors, customers, suppliers and policy makers. Among the principles, the board’s roles and responsibilities are also stipulated (Johnson, Moorman & Sorescu, 2009, 4755). The board has a critical function, which requires them to have sufficient skills that are essential in addressing challenges that may affect the corporate in its operations. Corporate governance ensures that the board is aware of their mandate. The board needs to be autonomous, committed and of an adequate size, to handle its mandate capably. It is crucial for the corporate management of an institution to be triumphant; there ought to be transparency in the Corporation. This is through the making public of the mandate of the board and the general management. This disclosure will ensure that there is accountability on the part of management, and the board to the stakeholders of the Corporation. I this case, procedures should be implemented to ensure the corporation safeguards the veracity in its finance reporting. It is also fundamental to make certain that there is an accurate and timely disclosure, to give the stakeholders a vivid representation of information regarding the corporate. These principles were formulated to ensure that

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Pharmacology virtual assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Pharmacology virtual assignment - Essay Example One among them is neostigmine. Neostigmine is the reversible inhibitor of the postsynaptic cholin esterase enzyme and thus acing as the cholinergic agent. Neostigmine increases the amount of acetylcholines that are available for the nicotine receptors at the myoneural junction and thus enhances the muscle strength for contraction. It is also used as the antidote for the nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents. (Aschenbrenner and Venable 2008). Â µ Conotocin is a short peptide of 22 aminoacids. It is isolated from the venom of many types of cone snail. Â µ Conotoxin have high binding affinity and discriminates well between the skeletal and cardiac isoforms. They have three disulfide bonds and three loop framework. Â µ Conotoxin has many positively charges residues that attracts the negatively charged residues. The arginine residue present in the 13th or 14th position seems to be the most critical group for the channel block. These residues block the sodium channel by using its positive charge. As positive charge is exerted by both repulsion occurs at the pore using electrostatic repulsion. (Canning and Spina 2009). Suxamethonium contains two acetylcholine molecules joined for acting as the neuromuscular blocking drug. They act as agonist by binding to the nicotinic cholinergic receptor and results in the depolarization of the muscle cell membranes. (Sidebotham and Levy 2007). Tetrodotoxin is a potent neurotoxin produced by the puffer fish. This is an example for the ion-channel neurotoxin. This is an effective tool for identifying the inhibition of the intestine due to contractile activity as it blocks the neural activity without disturbing the muscle. (Rhoades and Bell 2008). 3, 4 diaminopyridine is a voltage dependent potassium channel blocker. This drug is used for improving the motor function and fatigue in the multiple scelrosis in patients. The blockage occurs in the nerve terminal and increases the

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Study On The Story Desirees Baby

Study On The Story Desirees Baby The story Desirees Baby was based on Kate Chopins experiences while living in rural Louisiana during the late 1800s. Desirees Baby describes the psychical realism many people experienced during an era following the slavery abolishment. The story describes the problem of racism which interfered with the love and understanding between the Aubiguey family. The point Kate conveys is to question why Armand chose to protect his pride instead of the love he felt for his wife and child. The story revolves around the late 1800s, which was a dramatic time for people shortly after the abolishment of slavery. Emotions toward African Americans had not completely vanished; these African Americans were held at a low class in society during this time period. In Desirees Baby, Desirees husband, Armand, was a wealthy aristocrat who owned a large plantation in Louisiana. Armand portrays many of the same emotions and ideas of a common plantation owner during the era. He believes he has to protect his familys social status even at the cost of his wife and child. Armand further delivers the idea of social theory in the story. Social theory addresses and interprets the thought process during a situation based on rationality and logic. When Armand is introduced in the story, he represents a man of wealth and class. He is described by Desiree to her mother as the proudest father in the parish (Chopin 346). As the story unfolds, it is obvious that Armand begins to suspect that their child is of African descent and is described as absenting himself from home refusing to be in presences of Desiree and their child. When Desiree finally learns of the childs true descent, Armand cruelly answers her It means that the child is not white; it means that you are not white. (Chopin 347). Armand no longer feels love towards Desiree, he is described as no longer loved her, because of the unconscious injury she had brought upon his home and name (Chopin 348). Armand feels cruel emotions towards Desiree for disgracing his familys heritage and social status. Later in the story, Armand tells Desiree Yes, I want you to go. (Chopin 348). Armand is unchanged in his ill regard to removed Desiree and their child from the home because his pride was hurt because of the shame brought upon his familys name. After Desiree and the baby leaves, Armand sets a great bonfire containing the richness of a priceless layette. Then there were silk gowns, and velvet and satin ones added to these; laces, too, and embroideries; bonnets and gloves; for the corneille had been of rare quality. (Chopin 349). Armand was purging his life of any of the artifacts left by his wife and child after their departure for he no longer cared for them. In Desirees Baby, true love was one of the problems that Desiree and Armand faced. Desiree was raised by Madame Valmonde after being found lying asleep in the shadow of the big stone pillar (Chopin 345). Valmonde portrays that she fully loves and cherishes Desiree in the story. She tells Desiree My own Desiree: Come home to Valmonde; back to your mother who loves you. Come with your child. (Chopin 348). Years later, Desiree is seen by Armand standing by the exact pillar she was found as a child. As Armand Aubigny riding by and seeing her there, had fallen in love with her. That was the way all the Aubigny feel in love, as if struck by a pistol shot. (Chopin 346). Armand fell in love for Desirees beauty for he later describes The wonder was that he had not loved her before; for he had known her since his father brought him home from Paris, a boy of eight, after his mother died there. (Chopin 346). Armands love is artificial in that he loves only Desirees beauty. Desiree however, loves Armand entirely. Desiree is describes as loving Armand desperately (Chopin 346). She states that When he frowned she trembled, but loved him. When he smiled, she asked no greater blessing of God. (Chopin 346). Even as Armand begins to isolate himself from Desiree, she continued to love him. This can be seen when Desiree wrote to her mother explaining the situation stating I shall die. I must die. I cannot be so unhappy, and live (Chopin 348). Another example of Desirees love for Armand is when she turned away like one stunned by a blow, and walked slowly towards the door, hoping he would call her back. (Chopin 348). For Desiree, her love is unconditional towards Armand, whereas his love was superficial. The story also conveys the problem associated from racism. Racism is one of the other main points that lead to Armand and Desirees demise. While Armand believed his child was white, his views towards slavery changed. However, as the child began to resemble an African American, Armand became angered which lead to him to isolated himself from his family. Armand wrongly accused Desiree of being part African descent because of the lack of information regarding her family and heritage. Armand believed that his heritage was from aristocracy and therefore could not be tainted with African descent. Armand is described as no longer loved her, because of the unconscious injury she had brought upon his home and his name (Chopin 348). Armands quick change of emotions towards his wife and child implies that he is racist and therefore views them as an embarrassment. However, at the end of the story, Armand learns from a letter written from his mother to his father stating, night and day, I thank t he good God for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery. (Chopin 349). In summary, Desirees Baby written by Kate Chopin describes how pride can adversely affects the values and morals of an individual. In this story, Armand chooses to protect his familys reputation when he finds that his child is born of African descent. In order to protect his social status, Armand makes his wife and child leave home. The point Kate describes is how pride can affect the morals and judgments of an individual set by society. Work Cited Chopin, Kate. Desirees Baby. Millennium Reader. By Terry Hirschberg and Stuart Hirschberg. Fifth ed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458: Pearson Education, 2009. 345-349. Print.